When you dig under the surface, horse racing is one of the most complicated activities, with so many different variables dictating how a race will end. When it comes to choosing a winner, there are many variables to consider, from the ground conditions to which horses will make the race.

When it comes to choosing a winner, there are many variables to consider, from the ground conditions to which horses will make the race.

With that in mind, this guide will look at six different methods for picking winners in horse racing. If you’re looking for a bookmaker with which to place your bets, our best bookmaker guide will assist you.

Key Characteristics to Look for When Choosing Winners

When attempting to predict the winner of a horse race, there are many factors to consider. We polled our tipsters and compiled a list of the top six characteristics to look for when picking winners:

  • Going 
  • Distance
  • Connections 
  • Connections 
  • Handicapping 



The going is a big part of picking a winner, particularly in the winter. Many horses can only run their best races on specific surfaces, owing in part to their behaviour. Some horses can only perform at their best on firmer terrain, while others relish the chance to bring their talents to the test in the rain. On the field, looking over a horse’s previous results, particularly if it’s testing, can produce very positive results.


Many horses would limit how far they will go on the flat and over hurdles before their stamina gives out. Choosing a horse with proven endurance, particularly when the ground is testing, may pay off.

The pedigree

On the flat, a horse’s pedigree has a significant impact on a variety of factors. A horse’s pedigree can tell you a lot, particularly for first-time riders, such as their endurance and how quickly they’ll reach their peak. Examining a horse’s breeding, especially in maidens, can provide a wealth of long and short term knowledge. Our pedigree guide, which is currently online, describes this in-depth.



Certain combinations of trainer, jockey, and owner have had a lot of success, and the form of those twosomes and threesomes can yield a lot of money. Certain trainer and jockey combinations, as well as certain owners, can target various venues and races.

Course Shape Because different racecourses bring out different horses, it’s a good idea to search the racecards for past course winners. Since each course has its characteristics, it’s not uncommon for a horse to gain a few pounds when returning to a favourite place.


Handicap Mark

When a horse has hit their handicap peak, it is difficult for them to contend against better-weighted horses. Their mark will gradually decrease over time, and they will become more successful as a result. In handicap races, comparing a horse’s rating to their last winning one is important. Our handicap guide, which is currently on-site, describes it all in-depth.

Kranji horse racing tips are still worth considering in addition to the six main attributes. To bring together regular picks, an experienced team of tipsters considers all of these factors, as well as hundreds of others.


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