With so many options, it’s no surprise that Singapore is home to a thriving online gaming industry. A variety of extras add to the fun of gambling online and help bookies differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. This can make it difficult to choose which bookmaker is best for you.

Sports betting in Singapore

When it comes to internet gaming, Singapore maintains its reputation for stringent laws. Punters only have two locally licensed locations to choose from, both of which are severely lacking in variety. Despite the government’s efforts to ban access, more and more gamblers are going to offshore Singapore online sportsbook sites for the larger variety and, in many cases, better odds.

The country is notorious for its strict regulations, and its gambling rules are no exception. While there are jurisdictions where gambling is permitted, the penalties for those who engage in illegal activities can be severe.

Depending on the type of wagering you engage in, a number of different statutes may apply to your actions on land. Casinos and sports betting are allowed but heavily regulated by these statutes. The rules are not just for the gambler, but also for the bookmakers.

In order to obtain a license, a business must demonstrate that it is run fairly, honestly, and independently of any criminal activity. If you’re looking for a reputable sportsbook that puts the security and privacy of its customers first, go no further than Solarbet.

Top Singapore sports betting sites

Although there are several restrictions on online gambling in Singapore, determined gamblers can find ways to play nonetheless.

A virtual private network (VPN) can unblock geo-restricted betting sites, giving consumers access to a wider range of betting markets. Solarbet is a top-tier betting platform that welcomes punters from Singapore.

Solarbet is well-known not just for sports betting, but also for its extensive library of casino games. There are a variety of games that are not commonly offered by Western online gambling companies, and lotteries are among them. Sports gamblers would appreciate a diverse offering of sports, events, and betting options.

1xBet, 22Bet, and BetWinner are just a few of the other Singapore online sportsbook brands that have found success in the country. But if forced to choose, Solarbet would be our top selection.

Singapore sports betting bonuses

Bettors in Singapore have access to a wide variety of bonuses and special offers, should they choose to take advantage of them. Singapore online sportsbook sites typically provide new customers with a bonus for signing up.

Bettors should be mindful that despite the bonuses’ seeming attractiveness, they typically come with stringent turnover requirements that put a cap on how much money can be withdrawn.

Existing punters are also rewarded for their loyalty to the site with a wide range of special offers. At sites like Solarbet, there’s something for everyone here, as many of them are themed after popular sports or casino games.

These bonuses can also shift on a semi-regular basis, so bettors should check the promotional page of the bookie frequently to make sure they aren’t missing out on something new that might pique their interest.

Can you bet on sports through your phone?

Due to the strict nature of Singapore’s anti-gambling laws, many gambling-related apps are unavailable in the country’s app stores. This can limit the already small market for online gambling by making it inconvenient for punters to play whenever and wherever they like.

Despite this, numerous Singapore online sportsbook sites, including Solarbet, are now accessible through mobile devices. This makes it possible for people to play on their phones or other mobile devices without having to download anything. It’s not as simple as using an app, but it’s still a useful workaround.

Closing thoughts

The majority of Singaporeans oppose online gambling, but that doesn’t stop gamblers from using virtual private networks (VPNs) to access offshore Singapore online sportsbook sites. Despite the obvious dangers, this trend appears to be growing rather than dying down.

Online gamblers should be wary due to the severity of the penalties. A lot of people, however, feel that the increased diversity and potential for large payouts are worth the risk. Give Solarbet a go, whether you’re a local or from offshore, your security is a guarantee.

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