As an online player trying to play from the comfort of your couch, you’re probably looking for plenty of bonuses from casinos. Since these bonuses might vary by casino, and there are so many available, you may get overwhelmed as you sort through them all to determine which one is best for you. There are many other kinds of online casino bonuses; however, these are the most prevalent:

No deposit bonus

This implies that you don’t have to make a registration deposit when you first register at the 77W Thailand casino. In essence, there are three different kinds of no-deposit bonuses: free cash, free spins, and free spins, plus free play.

  • A free cash no deposit bonus gives you a predetermined sum (often between $10 and $25) to test out an online casino and see whether it’s a game you want to keep playing.
  • Bonus spins: Online casinos offer Free Spins and no deposit bonuses to provide you the opportunity to choose from a pre-selected selection of games and see if you can score a hit with the chance to win prizes, 
  • Free play and free cash: With a Free Cash & Free Play no deposit bonus, you can spend your bonus money on games or free spins at some online casinos.


Cashback is a set amount of money returned to your account following gaming wins and losses. This incentive is a means for the online casino to make sure that you will keep playing with them by enabling you to automatically recover a portion of losses. Consider the payback % when deciding if that signup offer is a smart choice for you, as online casinos include it in their offerings. Online casinos frequently give cashback in the range of 1–10%.

Match bonus

Online casinos that provide match bonuses allow you to have your initial deposit matched when you sign up and add it to your account balance. For instance, if you deposit $25 when you sign up, the online casino will deposit an additional $25 so that you can start playing with $50. Casinos typically state the highest sum they will match the initial deposit.

Reload bonus

A reload bonus is comparable to a match bonus. However, it is often only available to an online casino’s regular clients. Reload bonuses also differ because the match % is typically smaller than the welcome bonus. This means that if you are a member at an online casino and make a deposit, the casino won’t match 100% of your deposit. The percentage fluctuates depending on the online casino and the deposit bonus it is offering. Reload offers often fall between 20% and 50%.

Loyalty bonus

Loyalty bonuses come in gifts like free spins, free rolls, free play, etc., and are a means for an online casino to encourage frequent usage of their website or mobile application. You’ll likely receive a loyalty bonus depending on your past wagering behavior with the online casino and how frequently you play. The more you wager at an online casino, the better the incentives you’ll receive through the loyalty program. 

The takeaway

Always check the terms and conditions to ensure you use bonuses to your advantage.


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