Gambling has ever been seen in a positive light, and there are very few people who are not bothered by the effects of gambling. Hence, the reason why people who indulge in online casinos are often judged by those who consider it a waste of time and money.

If you were told to picture a typical online gambler, what image would you have in your mind? What would they look like? Their age? Their gender? What do they spend money on? What other hobbies do they have? There are many stereotypes about people who gamble online – and we are here to debunk them.

The Expansion of Online Gambling

Gone are the days when you would find thousands of people in casinos because players have all shifted their attention from the physical platforms and onto the virtual ones. Online gambling has been getting a lot of attention lately, leading to an immense influx of online gamers who are contributing to the eternal growth of the gambling industry.

According to Online Media, gambling is one of the largest sectors in the UK, which has accounted for more than 40% of all gambling within the UK which has mostly come from their online casino games alone.

Age Groups That Gamble Online

When thinking about what kind of people gamble in casinos, a majority of people will imagine older people in their 50s or 60s. This is based on if you look across all forms of gambling, it is this particular age group that has the highest level of gambling participation. But if you move away from the national lottery draws, you will find that the landscape looks quite different than what you had expected.

If you look closely at the age groups that have entered the online gambling industry, it will be people within the age bracket of 25 to 33 that will have the highest participation rates, making up to 37% of the population being involved in online gambling.

Gender Barriers Have Ceased to Exist

Now going back to that mental image of a typical gambler, you would have most likely thought of them as a male person. This time, your assumption is correct, but the gap between males and females has become a lot closer in the past couple of years.

Women are beginning to engage in gambling activities, especially more so through the online realm as it makes it easier for them to participate; 2017 data has estimated that 34% of women had participated in only gambling as compared to men, who were approximately 32%.

One of the best ways to break stereotypes is to look into the online gambling community and check for yourself on how they are making a difference in their audience participation and how they have contributed to the gaming market. So let’s start by discussing a prime example of some of the best gambling companies worldwide – ECLBET.

ECLBET is a highly acclaimed online gambling company that offers sports betting and casino-type games. Being a part of the international market, it has quickly amassed more than 100,000 players worldwide.

Founded in 2017 by Chen Huan, ECLBET was developed as a sports betting platform that provides players with 24/7 gaming services that include various sportsbooks with games like poker, machines, table tennis, online slots, and many more.

They are most commonly known for their VIP Programs that let VIP members enjoy all the benefits of their various tier levels once you have deposited the amount needed to fulfill the level requirements. Additionally, one of the best parts about their business is that they also have a mobile application so you can indulge in your gambling activities on the go.

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