Whenever you sign up at a new online casino to play slots, you want to give yourself an opportunity to play your favorite games and get a great bonus. But before this happens, you must undertake a few important steps to ensure that you’re going to be playing at a top slots casino. The easy way to complete these steps is by visiting an all-encompassing. And below, we’ll also discuss a checklist that you need to keep in mind.

  1. Look at the Welcome Bonus Offer

The simplest way to deal with a slots welcome bonus is to just look at how much is being offered, then jump at the biggest reward that you see. However, a much wiser approach is to first consider how much money you’ll be able to deposit. Secondly, you should read the terms and conditions behind the bonus. For example, let’s say that you can afford to deposit $200 right away; you then look at the wagering requirements and see that you must bet 40 times the bonus amount to earn it. This would be $8,000, which isn’t impossible for somebody who plays a lot of slots. But if you could find a match bonus that only requires wagering 30 times the bonus, this would be better.

  1. Read Online Casino Reviews

Want to know what others think of an online casino? Then reading reviews is a great way to see how a casino compares to the industry in terms of bonuses, games, jackpots and customer service. Affiliate sites are a great place to find these reviews because they have a wide selection in one place.

  1. Browse the Game Selection

Assuming everything checks out with the reviews and welcome bonus, you should visit an online casino directly and see what games they offer. This is crucial because you don’t want to sign up somewhere and quickly get tired of their limited game selection. Another thing to do with this point is play some of the slot online games for free. You won’t have to commit to anything, and you can avoid wasting time depositing if you don’t like the games.

  1. See if Mobile Apps are Available

For those who have a smartphone and/or tablet, you certainly want to see if mobile play is available. After all, this gives you another avenue to enjoy slots games and win big prizes. You should look at the casino’s promotions section as well to see if there are any special offers available for mobile players (free spins, extra points, etc.)

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