Part of professional betting means choosing the right bets to begin with. For this, you need to find bets with the most value. In other words, look for underrated underdogs, or even underrated favourites. As each sport is unique, a punter can find value in thousands of idiosyncratic ways. Still, finding value will always follow a similar process. One myth that we need to dispense with once and for all is that expert sports bettors win all of their bets. Professional sports betting usually deals with small edges. Most successful punters are only correct in 55% to 60% of their bets, and come nowhere near 80% or 90%. If you can make a 5% profit on your bets over an extended period, you are well on your way to becoming a serious threat to bookies. You can visit 스피드배팅.

 Here Are Our Five Professional Sports Betting Steps of Identifying Value:

Step 1: Do not look at the odds.

In order to analyse the outcome of any sports event, it is best to do your research first before seeing what the bookies’ odds are. The latter will cloud your judgement, even before you know which outcome you would predict.

Step 2: Predict your outcome.

Decide which outcome you think is more likely. For example, in professional football betting, decide whether you think a football match will be a win, loss or draw for a team.

Step 3: Refine your predictions.

Of course, nobody can see the future, so even if you decide on an outcome which you think is most likely, there is no guarantee you will be right. You should now set about deciding – objectively – what the chances are of it happening or not, and try to quantify it in terms of percentages. For example, in MMA betting, you decide that an MMA fighter has a 60% chance of winning.

Step 4: Set your own odds.

Each set of odds has its own implied probability, and you can calculate odds from probability as well. For example, a probability of 33% has odds of 2/1 or 3.00. For more help with this, check out our Implied Probability Calculator.

Step 5: Compare your odds to the bookies’ odds.

Now that you have your odds, you should look at what the bookies are offering and compare. Try to think why the bookies’ odds are different from yours. If you still think your set of odds is more accurate than what the bookies are offering, or the bookies offer better odds than your estimation, you’ve got the green light to go ahead and place your bet! 


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