Teen Patti is among the popular card games which is played with a different variant in countries like India. It is also called as flush or flash, which happens to be a competitive game where we find the players coming up with the best card combination winning the pot. It originated in India but with the internet one can even play 3 Patti online. It is very much similar to the English game 3 Card Brag.

Playing 3 Patti online for real money

Before you play it, you need to check the rules like you do while checking the poker rules. You can play 3 Patti with 3 – 7 players using 52 cards without any joker. Like you see in poker, the dealer is seen distributing only three cards facing down in an anti-clockwise direction to people playing over the table. The player dealer’s button is chosen without any issue at the very start of the first game. Generally, the winner of any hand would become like a dealer of the first hand. Betting starts from the player who is sitting at the left of the player dealer. The players need to start as per the cards’ strength.

One may not find any limit when it comes to betting rounds in the game. The players are seen staying till the end and you are required to show your cards and the one with the higher ranking hand can win the pot. If everyone starts folding, we see the end of the betting allowing the last player to be a winner of the pot.

The Rules of Playing 3 Patti

  • You can play 3 Patti in between three to seven players with 52 cards and having no joker.
  • Three cards are kept with the face down and then these are distributed among the players who are sitting on the table.
  • One can find the dealer as a player who pushes the button as selected at the start of the game
  • The player at the left of the dealer starts the betting once the card is distributed
  • The players can have an edge as per the power and strength they get with their cards
  • When it comes to limits, there is no such limit when we talk about betting in any game.
  • Players remaining at the end which are usually two or one with higher rankings wins the pot

Now, the big question, what is the Boot Amount or the Minimum Bet. Well, this has to be decided by the players and once decided they put their minimum bet over the table and start the bet round. Generally, it is the minimum stake which different players should be added over the pot as the game starts. Next thing you need to know is about blind and seen. Once the players see their card, they begin the bet and this is called as seen and if they bet on the card without seeing the cards, it is called as blind. If you have played blind, you have the choice of checking your cards anytime you want during your game.


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