The Main Differences Between Live Poker & Online Casino Poker

We are fortunate that poker is not limited to one platform. You can rock up at a local casino or play online very easily. But, it’s worth remembering that although the game is played the same there are differences between the two. In this post we’re going to highlight the main differences you can expect to find between poker in a live setting and online.

Physical Dealers

The first thing you’ll notice that is different between the two is how the cards are dealt. Online poker has the cards shuffled and dealt by automated software. There is no need for people to deal the cards. This is contrast to live poker where you will find physical dealers in front of you that shuffle and deal.


This follows on from dealers really as online poker has no functionality to tip. After all, why would you want to tip a piece of software? Dealers in a cardroom receive tips from winning players. Whilst this is not compulsory it is an unwritten code that players offer tips to dealers. This is part of casino etiquette and something most players abide by. Having that said that, you are not forced to tip at all. It is just something to be aware of as a difference.


Arguably the greatest difference of all is the restriction on number of tables. You can’t possibly play more than one table in a real casino, but online you can play over 2 dozen. This is a huge difference as it can alter a player’s win rate significantly. Choosing how many tables to play to play at a trusted online casino Malaysia can be tricky. You want to maintain excellent concentration and not give up your edge due to sharing it over lots of tables.

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