You’ve probably figured out that live betting is the most exciting method to wager. Because it is such an unpredictable and frequently dangerous betting technique, it is full of high-octane moments.

Thankfully, utilizing the finest betting techniques I’ve attempted to gather here, there are some ways to minimize these live betting dangers. Sports betting may be a great way to spice up a game with friends, but before you get too carried away with the excitement, you should aim to avoid losing money and win as many bets as possible.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the most popular methods and finally answer the issue of how to make money betting on live football.

Over 1.5 Live Betting Strategies

This is one of the newest Brasinobet live betting techniques in football, but it has the potential to boost your bankroll significantly. Although it is considered a high-risk approach, anybody may succeed if they follow the proper tips and tactics.

As usual, you must choose a game in which many goals are anticipated and then hope for a goal early in the game, ideally inside the first quarter of an hour.

Assume it happens in the 16th minute. The Over 1.5 will have odds of about 1.50. It’s your turn to place a wager. Remember that, as we previously said, many bettors and experts see this as a dangerous technique. Therefore you shouldn’t risk more than 10% of your bankroll.

Corner Betting Strategy In Real-Time

This live betting technique works best when the favorite team is losing, particularly in the later rounds of a tournament. It’s straightforward enough, but you must consider two key variables. The side that is frantically attacking must eventually score goals.

So, where do we go from here? First and foremost, we know that both clubs want to qualify, but since Roma is the favorite and plays at home, they may be more aggressive in the second half.

The first thing we check is the rush to options 3, 5, or 7 corner kicks. It is a particular market that you will not find in all bookmakers. Usually, bookmakers with multiple bets and niche markets offer this option. The first is the three-way transfer market (Over-Equal-Under), and the other is the two handicap modes.


You need to see how the game is progressing and then decide which option is suitable for you and your style of play. If Roma is pressing, the Over should be easily overcome. But if Samp is holding out, trying to keep them out of their door by keeping an eye on the timer, then you should want to reconsider your choice.

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