Online casinos are overgrowing all over the world. With more casinos making their way into the markets, the bonuses are also increasing. All the casinos come with bonus terms and conditions, and since it comes in fine print, people don’t feel like reading it. If you are lost amidst so many bonuses, you can always come back to the track. There are specific secret facts about online casinos that will leave you surprised. 

Secret Facts about online casinos

  • The bonuses come with a secret time limit.

All online bonuses come with a timer. Further, the moment you opt for the bonus, it comes with a specific period. The free spins are also available for some time. Go for a match deposit bonus. The free spins stay for three days, with the deposit bonuses staying for two to four weeks. 

Make sure to use the bonus within the time limit, or else the casino will forfeit the same. Apply your common sense while using the bonuses provided by trusted online casino Singapore and other gambling sites. 

  • All the bonus has wagering requirements.

If you think that bonuses are free, you are wrong. All the trusted online casinos come with wagering agreements in the terms and conditions of bonuses. Wagering requirements are the number of times you need to bet to get the bonus money. Online casinos come with various contribution rates for different categories of games. 

  • Online casino money is no alternative to real money.

Bonus money is not your money, and you have to be careful to understand what a bonus is. Secondly, bonuses are simply like discounts. You are getting the bonus as you have used real money to make the deposit. Don’t assume that your bonus money is your real money. 

The cash balance is the real money, and the bonus balance represents the casinos’ extra cash. 

  • There is no combination of multiple bonuses.

There are welcome bonuses, weekly cashback offers, etc., available in trusted online casino Singapore. Furthermore, don’t combine two bonuses to reap double benefits out of the same. If you apply for two bonuses at once, there can be only two conditions. Either the bonuses will be canceled, or you will not be left with any bonus balance. 

When you are opting for one bonus, don’t go for another bonus. Don’t get carried away to win specific rewards. 

  • Bonuses are not there on all games.

The bonus is there only on online casino games. Only the bets in the online casino games are counted as wagering agreements. Likewise, A particular type of play doesn’t contribute to wagering agreements for specific bonuses. There can be only one welcome bonus. 


These are some of the secrets related to trusted online casino Singapore websites. Besides, you don’t have to read the entire fine print. Only read the parts to know the unknown well. If you want to make the most online casino, you will have the best time in life. 

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