Gambling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. The ancient cultures have their own iterations of betting activities that we know of today. Along with sports, betting has been existing for a thousand years and it has evolved into a solid industry that has a total of $21 billion revenue worldwide.

Sports betting is a gambling activity that sets it apart from the casino betting games because it is based on betting on sporting events whether it is favorable or not. Sports betting allows punters to earn profit while watching their favorite sport on the television or on the internet.

Even though sports betting is prevalent worldwide, not all territories allow sports betting for multiple reasons. In these countries, betting may not be permitted due to cultural, spiritual or political reasons. 

However, some do deemed sports betting as legal and in this sports news, we will enumerate the top five countries in the world where sports betting is legal.

United Kingdom

There is no place in this world where sports is the epicenter than the royal kingdom of the UK. It is the home of the most elite football clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool. It is no surprise that the nation also has a strong sports betting culture.

United King has a strong gambling market and it is not rare to find lots of high rollers congregating on casino tables. Some globally-known sportsbooks like Bet360 and Bovada are based in the UK. So next time that you are planning to do your vacation offshore, make sure to visit the UK to experience the sporting culture there.

United States

There is no country in this world that matches the sporting dominance of the United Kingdom other than the United States of America. Home to the National Football League and the National Basketball Association, it is no wonder that the federal nation is one of the best places to bet on sports.

Also, as we know it, the United States is also where the world’s gambling haven is located, Las Vegas City. US punters really enjoy the freedom to bet online on their favorite sport. If you are offshore, make sure to search for a US sportsbook to bet on your favorite NFL club or NBA team.

China (Macau)

Although gambling is all throughout illegal in mainland China, its special administrative regions, Macau and Hong Kong are much more tolerant. 

Home to the most profitable gambling destination in the world, China has made Macau one of the most sought-out gambling cities in the world. 

Luckily, the city has its own special power when it comes to the operations of the casinos there and China rarely interferes with the affairs of the administrative region.


Australia has no restrictions when it comes to the sports betting activities in the countries. In fact, it is also home to many best online casinos and sportsbooks in the region. Along with other commonwealth nations, New Zealand and Canada, Australia caters to various forms of betting.

Australian sportsbooks also have the best odds and punters can enjoy their favorite sports while placing their bets to วิเคราะห์บอล teams. The nation also has a strong horserace betting culture, making Australia a profitable market in this area.


Kenya legalized gambling way back in 1966, making it a gambling hub in the African continent. Predominantly, the population much prefers to bet on online spots rather than to go play in land-based casinos. This is an indicator that the country has a strong sports betting market, much larger than its rival, Nigeria.


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