If you have done trying the Singapore football betting, then maybe you have come across as well with parlay bets. Even though it is known as the riskiest bet among all sports bets, it is still considered the most rewarding one because of higher payouts. Today, you will get to see the biggest parlay wins in history.

But before that, it is always recommended that you need to gamble responsibly. Do not chase losses and wait for that big payout. 

We’ve included below the biggest winners of parlays who have won millions, or at least several hundreds of thousands with a small amount (not exceeding $100). These parlay winners are the most likely to win big in sports betting and have been previously featured in some articles. 

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Steve Whiteley – £1,445,671.71

Just by visiting Exeter racecourse, Steve Whiteley has won the biggest parlay in history. He placed a wager on Tote Jackpot via free promotion. This was around March 2011.

In the tote Jackpot, you just need to predict six winners, and Steve Whiteley just did that exactly; after placing his six bets, he hit the jackpot. These are his random bets: 

Semi-colon (2-1)

Black Phantom (12-1)

Ammunition (16-1)

Mr. Bennet (16-1)

Lundy Sky (5-1)

Lupita (12-1)

Fred Craggs

A fertilizer salesperson, Fred Craggs, from Thirsk, New Yorkshire, also won $1,258,288. He accumulated this amount after placing small bets as a hobby. With only 2 000 000/1 odds he got the largest payout in his life. This 50p bet made him get this jackpot in an eight-horse parlay last February of 2008. 

It is possible to get lucky on parlays; that’s why it is suggested that you try them also, even if you are only staking low. 

For more information about the biggest win in parlays, see this infographic from CM2Bet. 

 Biggest Parlay Bet Wins in History


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