The history of blackjack continues to be under debate to this day. While there is no apparent consensus on when or who invented it or who created it first, most historians agree that blackjack was probably created by French casinos sometime around the late seventieth century.


During the French occupation of Spain, some Spanish men traveling back to France would visit these casinos and try their luck at blackjack. After trying it out once or twice, they decided that it was something that they wanted to do for a living, so they borrowed the formula and created a gaming system that came to be known as the blackjack of today.

Blackjack wasn’t developed as a game until sometime around the 1800s when it was brought back from Spain by African slaves—that also brought to the United States.

Now there are many disputes over who invented it, but most people agree that French Casino Innovations created the gambling game, not because they made it themselves, but instead borrowed it from the French.

Most of the controversy comes from when the US government tried to get blackjack into the textbooks, but their attempts were shot down due to their illegal status. Nevertheless, in the past decade or so, the blackjack table has seen a resurgence of popularity in casinos worldwide, including Las Vegas. 

The reason for this is that card counters, which are essentially fanatics, have taken the game and used it as an edge over other online casinos in terms of profitability. As a result, many new blackjack card counters have been coming up in Las Vegas with the hopes of taking home a huge prize, and the tournaments offered by casinos are becoming more competitive.

The ever-growing popularity of the card match continues. Howbeit so does its common misconceptions that are the rationales of why several players lose.

Want to know those misapprehensions?

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Most Common Blackjack Misconceptions

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