How to buy a new car, what to look for in a TV set, what is important when choosing a heating system – all of these are questions in life that are now quite easy to answer and, with well-founded prior knowledge, can become a decision. But what about an online casino? Virtual gambling is also very popular in Austria, but many interested parties remain closed to what is important at your casino. This article takes a look at the problem.

The thing about the license

In Austria there are already licenses for the online area, but these only concern the offers of Casinos Austria and its subsidiaries. For those interested, this also means that they can play in real Austrian casinos if they want to. The other offers also operate in a kind of gray area in Austria, since EU law collides with national law. The following applies:

  1. No licenses – foreign providers still do not receive a gaming license in and for Austria. The only option here would be to merge with Casinos Austria, which of course destroys the provider’s independence.
  2. Freedom to provide services – it allows providers to continue to operate legally in the gray area, contrary to state law. Within the EU, a service may not be restricted by borders or individual countries, provided the service provider is officially licensed in an EU country or has another approval. This is the case with the casinos because they are licensed in Malta.
  3. From a player’s point of view – players have nothing to worry about when they play in such a casino. You are protected by EU law.

So does the license matter? No, because not only does a player lose the gray area if there is no European license at all, he also loses all protection. The licensing authority is also there as a clarification body and intervenes when a casino provider is reported.

Games on offer – the fish must like the bait

It is always good when seriöse online casinos has as many offers as possible. But this is also a matter of taste. When it comes to the individual games, the player has to go to himself and ask himself which games he is really interested in. Basically:

  • Slots – the range of digital gaming machines in online casinos is huge. With some well over 1,500 slots, a player needs a long time to at least try each one.
  • Poker / Black Jack – there are two variants. One is purely electronic and is included in all casinos. The other is the live version, which requires a live area.
  • Roulette – the rules of poker also apply to roulette. The only question is whether the casino also offers roulette in more unknown or unusual variants.

If you would like to sit at a virtually real table, you need a casino with the corresponding live area. These are often divided into different rooms and other areas so that not only are a large number of tables available, but the player can also choose from several game variants. Online casinos in Austria have an exciting range here, as this overview on shows.

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