Generally, if you can use a strategy while playing in a casino, it gives you a better chance of winning than when you are playing a game in which strategy cannot be used. The problem is that most gambling entertainment has either no strategy or a very complex one. Fortunately, Admiral online casino has several games with a really simple strategy. We offer your shooting a list of three games in which you can successfully use the simplest strategies. From the article, you will also learn about some gambling games, in which the chance of winning is significantly increased if you use more advanced strategies while playing.


The best games with simple strategies


The best roulette strategy has nothing to do with your stakes at the table. Once you choose a roulette table, all bets basically have the same house edge.

So, when you play roulette, the best strategy is to pick the best table. The best roulette table is one that uses European roulette rules.

French and European roulette tables use a wheel with 37 cells, while American roulette has 38 cells. If you see a wheel roulette table with more than 37 cells, then ideally you shouldn’t play on it. The house edge is lower on the French wheel table than on the European one if you stick to the usual even-money betting options.


Baccarat is one of my favorite games. This is the easiest game to learn new players, especially if you want to play with a low casino edge. Plus, the strategy couldn’t be easier! The whole strategy of playing baccarat is to always place bets in the place of the banker and place the minimum amount of bets allowed.

The reason you always place the minimum bet amount is because if you play baccarat long enough for a large amount, you will lose. By placing small bets, you limit your losses. 

The player always wins in the short term when playing any casino game. But in the long run, you will only lose because this is how the house edge works.

Betting in the banker’s place is the best strategy because this bet has a greater advantage in the casino than when you bet on a draw or a player’s place. When you win a bet on the banker’s seat, the casino takes a commission. But it’s still a better bet than the other options. You don’t have to worry about commissions or how the game is played because the casino will take care of all of that.



Craps doesn’t look like a simple game, but the best strategy for playing craps is very simple. You need to ignore all available bets at the dice table, except for two or three options. If you want the best chance of winning, you only need to place two bets:

  • bet on a no-go line;
  • odds bet.

If you don’t like betting on the no-go line, you can bet on the passing line and bet on the odds instead. In this case, the casino will have slightly more advantages, but the difference is not that great.

 As with baccarat, you need to place the minimum bet on a no-go line that the table allows. But when you bet on the odds, you need to do as much as the casino allows, if you have enough money to do so. The reason is that the casino still has an edge. But betting on the casino odds doesn’t come with any advantage.



When you use the strategies I just reviewed, the house edge is between 1% and 2%. It means that you can find a French roulette table.  At the European roulette table, the house edge is slightly higher. Craps and baccarat have a casino edge of less than 1.5%.

Many casino table games have a 3% to 5% advantage. This is two to three times more than in the games described above. Some slot machines have an edge of 10% or more, and some specific bets available at the casino, such as some of the in-house dice bets, have an edge of 11% or more.

Before playing any online casino game, you need to find out if there is any technique that you can use. You cannot rely on luck alone to win at gambling. If there is no strategy in the game, we advise you not to play it unless, of course, you just want to have fun.

If you want to win more often, you should use strategy whenever possible. If you don’t use them, it’s like playing games that have no strategy at all. You might as well buy a lottery ticket or throw money into a slot machine with a 2% RTP or something like that.


Better games with more challenging strategy

Now that you know three of the best casino games you can play with a simple strategy, it’s time to learn about games that are even better than the three above, but involve more complex strategies.

The good news about these games is that with the best strategy, the house edge is less than 0.5%. You can even get a decent edge in some of these games.

Video Poker

Factors of the best video poker strategy.

  • you have to play the right game,
  • you must find a slot machine with the correct paytable,
  • you must use the correct strategy for every hand you play.

When you use the right strategy with these factors in mind, you can play video poker with a house edge of only 0.5% or less. We recommend Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better video poker machines.

Black Jack

Like video poker, blackjack has a strategy that involves playing every hand you get in a certain way. You should also find blackjack games with good rules and smart money management. 


The strategies you use should give you the best chance of winning when you play roulette, craps or baccarat. They are easy to understand and integrate into your gameplay. The strategy of these games is so simple that you can learn it in just a minute.

 When you compare casino games where you can use strategy to games where you cannot use strategy, you quickly realize that non-strategic games take your money much faster. After learning simple strategies for playing games, you can start learning how to play games that require a little more skill. These games give you an even better chance of winning than baccarat, roulette and craps combined.

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