3 Poker Tips for Micro Stakes Games

If you are a new to poker or regularly play micro-stakes games, you probably want to improve and move up. After all, who wants to stay at the lowest games forever? Have no fear! In this article we’re going to share some practical poker tips to help you beat the micro stakes games online.

1) Spend time studying every week

You can get an easy advantage on your rivals through some simple study. We’re not saying you have to get a degree in game theory, but consider spending a few hours a week studying. If you want to know how to study poker, visit the best poker coaching sites. They will suggest things like reading, joining forums, and taking a poker course. These are all helpful ways to expand your knowledge that can be used at the table.

2) Cut out the limping

Another way to save money online is to quit limping. It’s an awful strategy that doesn’t ever work. You’ll find yourself in loads of awkward scenarios after the flop and other players will relentlessly bully you. Limping is a sure-fire sign of a weak player so don’t do it. Instead, raise if you want to play your hand. If your hand is not strong enough to raise it’s not strong enough to open call either.

3) Cut out the distractions

Our final tip for beating the micro games is to cut out distractions. This is easier said than done but consider all the distractions when you play. Most people who lose are multi-tasking. You’re either watching TV, having music on or chatting to family or friends. If you want to win at poker, you need undivided attention. This can be extended to multi-tabling too. Don’t play too many tables or you will lose attention and focus. Try to find your optimal number and stick with that. Remember, the more tables you add, the less focus you can give on each separately.

There you have it, three poker tips to help you when playing online poker in the micros. We hope this help you increase your win rate and own your foes.

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