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As we embark on another year it’s an opportune time to stop and assess how to improve at poker. Online poker and Texas Hold’em in particular continue to soar in popularity and it only seems right we share with you the top ways you can enhance your knowledge this year. So read on if you are keen to increase your online poker strategy knowledge.

Read the Best Blogs

As long as online poker is doing well, there will always be people happy to write about it (like us!). Whilst there are some very old and obsolete blogs, there are also some excellent and enlightening poker blogs around too. We suggest you bookmark the best strategy blogs on the internet and remember to go back regularly to see their new content. Most poker sites will publish at least twice a month so its always worth going back to the ones you found helpful before.

Watch Final Tables

If you enjoy tournament poker and want to enhance knowledge of mtts, consider watching some final tables. By observing those who get to the final 9 you’ll be able to replicate similar ideas and plays. Most online poker sites let you rail any tournament that is happening. This proves to be an effective method of learning late tournament strategy without investing any money, just your time. If this sounds like something you may do, we recommend you have notepad and paper and jot down lots of notes so you can implement ideas from tournament experts, particularly if you are only starting out in poker.

Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are as popular as ever and they’re not just for personal development or politics. There are some great poker podcasts available where hosts and players interviewed are imparting words of wisdom to listeners. They are easy to access and are a must have chrome add-on for poker players. A quick google search will reveal the most popular poker podcasts out there with famous players like Negreanu getting in on the act. Many podcasts are fresh and engaging with weekly updates so give them a whirl if you are interested in staying in touch with the latest poker news.

There you have it, the top 3 ways to enhance your poker knowledge in 2022. We are confident if you try any of these methods, you’ll have a better chance of winning and a more pleasurable poker experience too. Good luck!

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