For the cricket fans, it was a matter of dismay as they got to see the suspension of IPL due to the Covid 19 issues. The BCCI has pushed to the indefinite dates and we are disappointed among the fans. However, there were few who took resort in the apps like the fantasy cricket league app that offers them the chance to play with their fantasy team having their favourite players. It is a virtual game that allows the fans to enjoy the games with great pleasure and ease. If you are looking for some of the best fantasy games apps for cricket, the following five apps can suffice all your requirements. Let’s check them out as under:

  1. Dream11 fantasy – This is among the top cricket apps, which has a huge amount of users all across the country. As per reports, it has around 80 M users with more than 50 M users are seen winning good ratings on a daily basis. It is known for many things among the users including good app interface, good rewards, attractive contests and many more. You can even play with your friends with the team of your choice. Former Indian cricket skipper Dhoni is the brand ambassador of this fantasy games app.
  1. My11Circle – It is an app plus website that has picked up popularity since past few months. It is available in nine different languages, which remains its USP among the users. The BCCI chief SauravGanguly is the brand ambassador of this app that allows you to win the best opportunity to win good cash prizes along with other stuff. More than 5 M users have downloaded this app and they play on the website.
  1. Mobile Premier League- Popularly known as MPL, it is a known Fantasy Cricket app and ranks on the top to be the best fantasy cricket apps in the country that has brought 40 M users. The app gives you the chance to even play simple and different level games. It gives you many more things to enjoy when it comes to playing with this app. As per an estimate, more than 30 Million prizes are being won on a daily basis during the IPL 14 season. It turned out to be an instant hit among the users and one can redeem the rewards in the form of coupons to be used on sites like Amazon, PayTM and other UPI thus getting straight to your account.
  1. Fan2Play – This is the next app that helps you enjoy a good game with your friends and family. It allows you to choose a team and thus gain a good victory in this race. One of the best things about this app is that you do not have to worry about choosing the players as you get with no credit limit.
  1. BalleBaazi Fantasy Cricket app – This is both an app and a website that gives you the chance to enjoy the game in the IPL 2021. You can even use this website to enjoy some live streaming sports events like basketball, baseball and football to name a few. Yuvraj Singh is the brand ambassador of this app and website.

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