Many people watch poker on TV and dream of becoming a big star just like their favorite players. The allure of making millions with a few lucky hands of cards is an incredible one, although the sad reality is that it’s like no other sport.¬† is not likely. Money making superstars are few and far between and mega-millionaires are even rarer than that, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream and admire the elites who have made such a living. Which will establish the next 20 generations.

Their Family of a Lifetime We’re taking a look at the 3 most successful ligapoker players in history to see how much money they’ve made in live games over their careers, with not a single person on this list making less than $20 million. And if that’s not motivation to dust off your cards and at least try to beat instrumental ballads against joining

1. Justin Bonomo

Justin Bonomo has made a name for himself as one of the most successful poker players of all time and is now the most successful in his career with 161 cash, six of which are for one.

 Million Dollars or More Zee Justin tops the list, thanks to an incredible 2018 he earned over $25 million in that year alone, including nearly $5 million at the Hong Kong tournament in March and the High Roller Ball in May. 5 million were included.

A $10 million cash prize for a big win for a drop in July. All but a given Bonomo will never duplicate his amazing 2018 run, but even if he only makes a few million each year. He will forever be considered one of the best apart from two lakhs a year.

2. Daniel Negreanu

Daniil Negrenu Nicknamed Kid Poker is no longer at all appropriate as his status in his mid-40s is one of the best players of all time, on the other hand he says that in a career spanning over 20 years, Negreanu has played as safe as ever.

He has earned almost 40 million dollars based on super consistent play so much so that in 2014 Seldon was named him the global player of the decade and from 1997 actually 294 cash I can see seven of those cash a million bucks or more. Why are there more? He made $8 million by the eighth point by winning the 2014 big for a drop from that year.

3. Eric Seidel

Eric Seidel has been shy forever, he’s been crashing since 1988, his first cash finish was perhaps his most famous, which he placed second in that year’s World Series of Poker main event and his side with winner Johnny Jam.

The showdown was shown 10 years later. Hit movie rounders outside of movie fame have won over thirty-four million dollars in their careers with eight World Series bracelets.

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