The variety of lotteries and casino games these days is simply astounding. You can pick and choose according to your taste and expectations, especially when it comes to winnings. In South Africa, you can have fun playing national lotteries or you have an opportunity to enjoy international variants, such as UK 49s. Along with Powerball and Mega Millions, this lottery is one of the most popular options as it has everything a player may want in this type of game — great odds, nice rewards, and simplicity.

Becoming a lottery winner is a dream for many people. What’s more is, making bets and waiting for the results couldn’t be more fun. Lotteries keep you on the edge of your seat, so it’s not surprising that thousands of players worldwide just can’t get enough of them. 

UK 49s and how the lottery is played

This lotto game from the United Kingdom is extremely entertaining but it remains simple and straightforward. One of the advantages of this lottery is its regularity, as draws happen every day at lunch time (2:49 PM SAST) and also at tea time (7:49 PM SAST). Despite the fact that it’s the UK lottery, players from South Africa can easily play this game without having to cross the border. All you need is a dependable and convenient platform, such as YesPlay.  

Once you register on a site, you should set up your account and choose UK 49s as your lottery. You will be given the choice of 49 number balls and you should choose 6 of them or fewer for the draw. Only those that select 6 numbers will be eligible for the biggest winning while players that decide to play it safe and have 1-5 numbers can win smaller sums. There is also a Booster number ball feature that increases the chances of getting the payout. To activate this feature, you have to choose an additional number. 

Play this lottery on YesPlay 

The main reasons why players choose UK 49s as their lottery include the following: 

  • Significant payouts can help improve your financial situation.
  • A long history and a positive reputation of the lottery.
  • Simple rules of the lotto game.
  • The draws take place twice a day. 

On YesPlay, you can easily get access to a number of different lotteries, including UK 49s. The site is designed for convenient gambling and betting 24/7. The platform has already received many positive reviews and only continues to expand. 

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