Ever heard of cocks fighting each to death? If you’re from the eastern Asian region, you probably would have witnessed one as well. In some Asian countries like Peru, Thailand or the Philippines, it’s almost a cultural tradition, and in Bali, it’s even related to religion! An animal sport this popular deserves shedding some light upon, so here we go. First, let us discuss some important tips to bet on online cockfighting games.

What is it?

A cockfight essentially involves bloodshed. In simpler words, it is an animal sport in which the key point is to kill the opponent to win the match. As you might have guessed, due to the cruelty of the sport, it is banned in the United States and many other nations. Though unfortunately, it continues to be popular through underground means.

What happens in a cockfight?

The game itself involves two cocks that are held inside a ring known as the ‘cockpit’. The gamecocks are raised in a way that they become strong and are aggressive. Along with their natural spurs, some people even add metal spurs to increase the brutality and have the upper hand.

Online cockfighting servers

An interesting twist to this bloodshed game is the online platform getting more and more popular these days. IF you are in Indonesia and want to see a cockfight for yourself, you can try it through the 918kiss Thai server. There are many other servers available as well, like the s128 and sv388. These servers make it possible to feel the thrill without having to be physically present at the match. You can download the server’s online application and pay for credits to place bets on your choice. The agents then organise the bets placed, and the fight begins. You can witness the fight through a live video feature available on most of the cockfighting platforms. 918kiss Thai server ensures that the betters face no issue in the payment processor in placing their favourite bets.

All in all, cockfighting is an interesting sport with its own set of good and bad sides. While it is a sport that violates animal rights, it also plays an important role in binding together cultural ties and history that dates back to 800 BC. Also, with the changed mindsets of the people, the game has evolved to be less focused on the bloodshed than the actual thrill.

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