The Science behind Online Slots

Slot games account for about 50% to 80% of casino profits. They are easy to play, do not require any skills, and often offer large jackpots. Online slots are highly attractive, but they are considered games of pure chance. Today’s online slots offer the latest generation of games with highly advanced features. 

One thing that is common with all online slots is their random nature. Their spinning reels are controlled by a computer program specially designed to generate the winning numbers. 

Making everything random

Whenever you play real money slots, the Random Number Generator (RNG) generates a sequence of numbers once you press the play button. The numbers do not follow any pattern or logic. Each generated number represents a certain symbol on the reels. 

After spinning for a specific time, the RNG stops momentarily and displays the set of numbers that correspond to the total reels in the machine. Since each number corresponds to a symbol, this is what determines if the combination generated is the lucky one or not. 

Return to Player percentage

The slot game developers configure the software to return a certain percentage of money every time you win casino slot games. The player gets a certain percentage while the balance is retained by the operator. Some online slots give 90% RTP, while others give up to 98%. 

If you play a slot game where the RTP is 90%, it means for every dollar you bet, your possible return is 9 parts of the dollar. If your total bet is $100, you will get $90, while the $10 is retained by the online casino. This is why you should first find out the RTP percentage offered by the online slot casino before you decide to use it.  

The science of psychology

Another part of the science behind online slot games is the colors, music, and videos. They use flashing lights, adopt animation characters, and a mix of noises/music. The flashing colors have a great psychological effect when the player thinks he is about to win. The music/noises help you to keep playing the games on and on. 

It doesn’t stop there because online slot games offer some of the greatest promotions and bonuses. Every time you go to play at an online casino, you get certain you will enjoy a free day due to the promotions of free offers you get. There is high-tech science behind all these to help you stay hooked to your online slot website and play more games. 

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